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10 Best Fishing Spots In Costa Rica

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best fishing in costa rica

Best Fishing In Costa Rica

Most people who are looking for best fishing in Costa Rica do so to plan their fishing holidays.

That does not mean the resort is the most important thing, but the best fishing spots in Costa Rica.

And the best will be if you can combine the best fishing spot (that fit your needs) with the best resort, hotel or vacation rental.

That is what we are here for.

But before we go deeper into the topic what are the best fishing spots in Costa Rica, I want to answer a few questions which I get asked every single day.

Do you need a fishing license in Costa Rica? Yes, you need. You can buy it online (valid 8 days) or you buy it directly on the boat.

When is the best fishing in Costa Rica? Really all year round. It depends whether you are after a specific species or not.

Where is the best fishing in Costa Rica? The whole article is about this topic. So read on and let us know if you have additional questions.

How much are fishing trips in Costa Rica? That really depends on where you go in Costa Rica. But in general starting 1/2 day fishing trips in Costa Rica with US$ 300 to 400. No upward limit. Take a tour of our regional fishing sites to find your charter. We provide fishing tours for every budget.

When is fishing season in Costa Rica? It’s pretty much the same question above, when is the best fishing in Costa Rica. If you are after a specific species please look at our fishing season calendar below.

Why we do that? Who we are?

gaby & thomas fishing experts costa rica

Gaby & Thomas

We (Gaby & Thomas from Germany) love this country. We love the climate. We love all these different acitivities you can experience here. And of course, we love Costa Rica deep sea fishing.

In may 2015 (we live in Costa Rica since 2009) we started our vacation rental here in beautiful Playa Tamarindo.

And a part of this business is that all customers want recommendations about what to do.

Which tour they can book without any problems. Which boat to go fishing. The list goes on and on…

That was the moment where the fun really began. Of course we had experience with tours by ourself. But not so much. So we started to research what we can recommend to make our guests satisfied. Asking for prices, tour descriptions and the things our customers will ask us. And what we have experienced in this tour research is worth to write a book. Means too long for this article….

Long story short. We specialize on Costa Rica deep-sea fishing tours.

learn more about the best fishing spots in costa rica

Best fishing spots in Costa Rica

When planning a fishing vacation in Costa Rica it is vital to know when to come and where to go.

Where is the best fishing area in Costa Rica and so on.

That’s the moment where we come into the game. Of course you can figure it out by yourself. But this is very time consuming and risky.

Why is that risky? I’m glad you ask 🙂

Example about fishing tours – In Costa Rica it is very common that a lot of tour agencies and fishing tour agencies charging more than the boat usually will cost.

And that’s only 1 reason why you should book your Costa Rica fishing trips with us. Read on for more

book here the best deep sea fishing costa rica

Best deep sea fishing Costa Rica

Example, a full day best sport fishing in Costa Rica trip booked directly from the captain will cost maybe US$ 1,100.00, but the agencies charge you US$ 1,350.00.

We never will do that.

The captain price is our price. Take advantage of.

Example about an accommodation – A few days ago, a client inquired to book our Villa Thoga for the christmas week. Of course we were occupied. He asked us for help, because he does not find any free accommodation throughout the internet. Service is our greatest strength. So we tried to find a solution for him. A lot of people called us crazy, because it is the christmas week and they promised that we never will find anything in Tamarindo or in the area. The budget was US$ 350.00 per night. The customer searched for a 4 night stay.

That’s what we found!
Condo in Matapalo. A place where you definitely need a car. No shopping. No restaurants, no nada 🙂

We asked for the price and oops the landlord said US$ 450.00 per night. Wow, i asked back. Do you really mean US$ 450.00 per night? (That was a chat in Facebook) His answer was: too much? Okay, I give you the condo for US$ 300.00. Damn, US$ 150 less in 1 minute.

The 2nd thing was a condo in Langosta: You have to know that Playa Langosta is not Playa Tamarindo! She asked for US$ 550.00 per night. Oh my god, that’s a small fortune!

But then, we found the right one. A super nice condo directly in Tamarindo. Only a 5 minute walk to the beach, shopping, restaurants and and and… For only US$ 230.00 per night. Remember the client’s budget? US$ 350!!

And that is the next reason why you should trust us!

So we could easily charge our client for US$ 340.00 per night. But we didn’t!!!! We charged the correct price of US$ 230. Now we have a very happy client who saved a lot of money. Your question of course could be why we did this. Easy, we get our commissions from the landlords of from the captains in the case we bring a client on the boat.

I know that was a long reading for you. But you asked why is it risky when i try to figure the things out by myself. Like I said above, I could easily write a book about the things going on in this business.

Do you still wondering why you should trust us? Hey, we’re germans!! And germans are well known for their correctness. And… I think, the examples above are speaking for themselves!

Where is the best fishing in Costa Rica?

we show you the best fishing area in costa rica

Best fishing area in Costa Rica

But now back to the best fishing in Costa Rica and planning your fishing vacation, and the question, where is the best fishing in Costa Rica…

We have hand selected the Costa Rica fishing trips, hotels and vacation rental partners all over the entire country.

So we can literally put you anywhere you want to go and more importantly, we can give you an unbiased opinion on what will be the best for you.

Are you after a specific spezies or a specific technique (fly fishing Costa Rica as example)? Or in case you want to know the best marlin fishing in Costa Rica. Or best time for fishing in Costa Rica. The infographic below will give you a better idea of what to expect when planning your fishing vacation in Costa Rica. And I hope it is a good help to decide what’s the best time to go fishing in Costa Rica for you personally.

Best time to go fishing in Costa Rica? See below!

best time for fishing in costa rica

Best time for fishing in Costa Rica

But, Thomas do you have any recommendation where to go for the best deep sea fishing Costa Rica?

where is the best fishing in costa rica

Where is the best fishing in Costa Rica

Haha, you shouldn’t ask me where the best deep sea fishing in Costa Rica really is, because I decided in 2009 to live with my wife Gaby and my two dogs in beautiful Tamarindo.

Here we have all. Only 250 meters to the beach, where the world class Costa Rica fishing tours start. Doctors, restaurants, shopping, supermarkets…

Super warm climate all year round. Even in the green season we enjoy less rain like the other provinces in Costa Rica. In short, here is the paradise!!

But what I can do is giving you a short overview about the best sport fishing Costa Rica opportunities. Please select the place which match your needs best!

Best spots for fishing in Guanacaste + Costa Rica fishing charters

Best spots for fishing in central pacific cost:

Need tips to start your fishing adventures Costa Rica?

With all this information we are pretty sure you will find your best deep sea fishing Costa Rica destination. Please check also our Costa Rica fishing vacation packages

Good luck,
Gaby & Thomas

Thomas & Gabriele Traegner

We are Thomas & Gabriele Traegner, your hosts. Our goal is to make your vacation unforgettable. Not only with a great location, a clean Villa and a perfect service. We also show you the best things you can do in Tamarindo and Costa Rica.