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Where To Scuba Dive In Costa Rica? Catalina Islands Are One Of The Best

Best diving in Costa Rica? The Catalina Islands Costa Rica are one of the best spots to scuba dive in Costa Rica! Because the waters surrounding the Catalina Islands are well known for a spectacular diversity of marine life. And the best of all, the Islands are only 35 minutes away from Tamarindo.

Catalina Island Costa Rica Diving Trip (every day)

catalina islands costa rica

Catalina Islands Costa Rica

  • Picking up the clients (in Tamarindo, Langosta and on the road to the boat)
  • Before we start, we’ll check the equipment sizes
  • We only need 30 minutes to navigate to the first incredible place for diving
  • Enjoy the chance to see a lot of marine life such as sharks, turtles, manta rays…
  • The boat will take us (45 minutes) to the next wonderful place for the second dive. During that time we eat some snacks, fruits. Juice, water and so on.
  • Time to go home at Tamarindo. We will be back at 1pm
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Best diving in Costa Rica?

Ever wondered where best places to scuba dive in Costa Rica? Or where is the best diving in Costa Rica? Then I invite you to come with us to scuba dive the Catalina Islands. Maybe, after this adventure, you will say: the “Catas” are one of the best scuba diving in costa rica spots! Please let me know, whether or not the Catalina Islands are now one of your favorite places to dive. Maybe you recommend the Catalina Islands to your friends as one of the best places to scuba dive in Costa Rica?

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