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Tips For San Jose To Tamarindo

San Jose to Playa TamarindoThank you for visiting our article about “San Jose Costa Rica to Tamarindo”. My name is Thomas, I own with my wonderful wife Gaby a beautiful vacation rental in Tamarindo. And you can imagine that a lot of people ask me how do I get best from San Jose to Playa Tamarindo? So you’re are in best hands.

The first thing I want to ask: can you change your flight to Liberia? Do it!! Because Liberia is only a short car ride away from Tamarindo. “Mas o Menos” 45 minutes. San Jose to Tamarindo you have around 4 to 6 hours, depending on traffic.

I know a flight into Liberia can cost a little bit more, but you will save money for your transport. A (private) shuttle will be cheaper, gasoline (car rental), the flight to the domestic Tamarindo airport. And the most important thing you will save a lot of time to be in paradise.

On the other hands sometimes you can not change your plan… So let us jump right in the article to show you what maybe will be the best thing to come from San Jose Costa Rica to Tamarindo.

Flights from San Jose Costa Rica to Tamarindo

Flying is, of course, the most expensive way. I don’t know anything about your budget, so I decided to show all the possibilities. To know more about flights from San Jose Costa Rica to Tamarindo I recommend you’re going to search on Google

San Jose Costa Rica to Tamarindo per bus

That’s definitely the cheapest way. Interbus provides the most comfortable buses. You have a lot of space on the bus, air condition, and a bilingual driver. Not cheap at all, around US$ 55 per adult (April 2017). Small budget? Go with Alfaro. Will cost you around US$ 10. Without air condition!

Driving from San Jose to Tamarindo

Of course, you don’t need a 4×4 to drive from San Jose to Tamarindo!  Don’t rent a navigation, they are not really precise. In my opinion, the best navigation system in Costa Rica is to use the Waze app on your smartphone. In every case, I used Waze I was not disappointed. Absolutely precise. Here you can download the app: Waze Download

Yes, guys, the best way to drive from San Jose is to take the road 27. The Waze app guides you… Between San Jose and Caldera, you have to pay the tolls. So it’s a good idea to have around 6.000 Colones or 12 Dollar available.

san jose costa rica to tamarindoOkay, maybe you want a few recommendations where to stop and where to eat. The Interamericana A1 is the “highway” which is the most used route between San Jose and Tamarindo. On this route, you will find the most restaurants. Of course, you can choose a restaurant o a soda (typical Costa Rican restaurant) between Caldera and Puntarenas. But there is nothing what I really can recommend. No good quality and expensive (Gringo prices)…

My first stop when I have to drive home to Tamarindo is on the Interamericana. And here are two restaurants to choose between. Number 1 is Caballo Blanco (White Horse). That is, of course, a restaurant for tourists. Slow service, food is good but a bit expensive. Next door you find the Tico restaurant… super cheap and the food is really good. It’s totally up to you…

You drive the A1 up to Limonal. In Limonal turn left to Nicoya. Here you will find two other restaurants. Tres Hermanas (Three sisters) which is the same as Caballo Blanco. Across the street, you find a little Cafe. Affordable prices and you should try the delicious cakes. And here you should take the time to visit the small zoo behind the cafe where you will see parrots and other typical animals. My last recommendation is for your kids… if they are fans of KFC Kentucky…. you want definitely should stop in Nicoya.

I hope I didn’t forget anything to mention. If so, please leave a comment below.

Thomas & Gabriele Traegner

We are Thomas & Gabriele Traegner, your hosts. Our goal is to make your vacation unforgettable. Not only with a great location, a clean Villa and a perfect service. We also show you the best things you can do in Tamarindo and Costa Rica.

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