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Best Surf Lessons Tamarindo

Are you looking for the best Tamarindo Costa Rica surf lessons? You’re in the right place. Because Tamarindo beach is the best place to learn surf. The big advantage in Playa Tamarindo is the gently sloping beach and the direction that the bay faces. The waves break slower and less powerful than most beaches around. The beginner or intermediate surfer has the time to become comfortable in the ocean. All of the staff members are friendly, bilingual and very experienced professionals. Please select below your Tamarindo surf lessons:

Group surf lessonssurf lessons tamarindo

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Group surf lessons Tamarindo are ideal for you as a beginner. You will learn to surf with other beginners. The only thing you have to do is sign up. We do the rest.

Safety ist the most important thing for our Tamarindo surf lessons! For this reason, we maintain a low student to instructor ratio of 1 instructor to maximum 4 students. This guarantee you a lot of attention!

Tamarindo Costa Rica surf lessons:

1. 20-minute instruction on the beach to learn the basics of surfing, safety and etiquette in the water

2. learn the basics of how to paddle correctly, pop up, standing on the board in the right position, correct stance, and learning to read the waves

3. practice on your board on the beach. So you get a good overall feel.

4. practice in the water. The instructor will be with you all the time with tips and tricks to get you riding your first wave.

Semi-private surf lessonstamarindo surf lessons

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In case you’re traveling with a family member or a friend and you would like to have your surf lessons just for you and your friends, the semi-private Tamarindo surf lessons are right for you.

A big advantage when booking surf lessons Tamarindo – semi private – is that you can decide which time you would prefer for your lesson. Because it is your group.

Surfer in Tamarindo

When: Available 7 days a week @ 9am, 11am, 1pm & 3pm (Please arrive 15 min. before lesson time)

Price:  only $45/person

What to bring: Sunscreen, Swimsuit, & Towel

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Private surf lessonstamarindo costa rica surf lessons

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We bring you to the next level. The instructor is only focused on you, providing personal feedback to improve your surf abilities. book your surf lessons today

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We are Thomas & Gabriele Traegner, your hosts. Our goal is to make your vacation unforgettable. Not only with a great location, a clean Villa and a perfect service. We also show you the best things you can do in Tamarindo and Costa Rica.

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