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Tamarindo Diving Par Excellence

tamarindo scuba diving

Tamarindo Scuba Diving

Why choose us for your Tamarindo scuba diving tours?

1. You never have to ask if a date is available for your diving tour.

Because, we work with 5 excellent Diving Centers in Tamarindo and Flamingo. So we can guarantee that you will get every time a spot on a boat.

2. 100 % secure booking

3. The preferred date for your Tamarindo diving tour is definitely available!

Dive the Catalina Islands. They offer the most popular diving spots in the province of Guanacaste. After a short boatride about 15 to 25 minutes your dive adventure can begin.

The Catalina Islands offer the selection of more than 30 various dive spots. For advanced divers and for beginners. The marine life is extremely impressive.

What to expect? Turtles, Manta Rays, Sharks, Eagle Rays and a variety of tropical fish, to name a few.

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tamarindo diving at the finest

Tamarindo Diving

All information about Tamarindo Scuba Diving (Catalina Islands Tours):

When and where starts the tour? 7.30 am to 12.00 – 12.30 from Playa Flamingo

Do you have a pick up and drop off service? For sure, we pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation without extra costs.

Guests from Tamarindo at 6.45 am, from Playa Conchal (Westin) at 7.00 am and from Flamingo at 7.15 am. And all the places that are on the way. Please, let us know where you stay in the booking form below.

How much for a certified diver?
Only US$ 110.00 per person
How much for a non certified diver: You have to go for a Discover Suba Diving course (beginners, pool lessons + ocean dives). 7.15 am to 12 am or 1.15 pm to 5.00 pm – US$ 165.00 per person. This course is an experience only and does not result in any type of certification.

I’m interested to book your diving Tamarindo trip to the Catalina Islands, but I’m a certified diver and my partner is not. Can we dive together?
Answer: Yes you can.

pay your agua rica diving center tamarindo trip 100 % secureHow to book?
Answer: Select 1 or more diving tours below. Click then on Proceed to Checkout. Choose your preferred dive date and send us your reservation. On the next page you can pay the tours 100 % secure with PayPal. We will send your tour voucher directly to your email address (7 days a week from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Costa Rican time).

Description of your diving Tamarindo Costa Rica tour to the Caralina Islands?
Answer: We start with picking up our guests from Tamarindo and Langosta (6.45 am), from Playa Conchal + Westin (7.00 am) and the other places that are on the way. Without extra charge.

Preparing your scuba diving near Tamarindo Costa Rica tour, starting in Flamingo: In Flamingo beach starts the boat ride. Your dive instructor will inform you about the dive, boat safety and more. During the boat ride maybe you can see turtles, rays, dolphins or whales (in season).

Depending on weather and daily conditions we choose two dive spots to execute 60 ft max. dives. Only 40 ft when your dive certification is limited. Exploring one of the best places to dive in Costa Rica: the Catalina Islands.

You have the chance of seeing giant Manta rays, spotted Eagle rays, sharks, octopus and so much more. The diversity of life in this part of pacific ocean is extraordinary.

IMPORTANT for your Tamarindo scuba diving trip: A refresher course can be undertaken before the boat leaves for those who have not been diving in a long time or who do not have much experience.

What is included?
Answer: Ice tea and fresh water, cookies and fruit are provided. 2-tank scuba dives (includes BCD, Regulator, Mask, Fins and Snorkel, Weights and Weight Belt).

Level of fitness?
Answer: Medically approved if there has been any major health issues or changes since last dive.

What to bring?
Answer: Towel, bathing suit, sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, camera…

Minimum Age?
Answer: 10 with Scuba License

Answer: Every day, from Monday to Sunday

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Diving Tamarindo Costa Rica

Book your Tamarindo scuba diving tour with us and you’ll never be disappointed.

FAQ about Costa Rica diving Tamarindo:

How good is scuba diving Tamarindo Costa Rica?
If you expect a fantastic dive trip to one of the best dive points Costa Rica has to offer (Catalina Islands) you will have a unforgettable experience.  After your diving in Tamarindo tour you never will ask again how is the diving in Costa Rica‚Ķ

How much does it cost to go scuba diving in Tamarindo Costa Rica?
The prices in and around Tamarindo, Flamingo are the same in general: certified diver, 2 tanks dive only US$ 110.00

Where is the best scuba diving in Costa Rica?
That really depends how do you define “best scuba diving”. If you want to experience a extremely impressive marine life and a full service for your dive trip you are on the right website for scuba diving in Tamarindo.

Where to stay for Tamarindo Costa Rica scuba diving?
As the owner of Villa Thoga…. I recommend to check out our Villa! But, we also can help you to find a nice hotel or another vacation rental in Tamarindo or Flamingo. Let us know what you expect.

Do you work together with all dive shops in Tamarindo?
No.  We only work with the best of the best. When a dive shop in Tamarindo or Playa Flamingo don’t fulfil our quality standards, we do not work with them.

The best dive shop Tamarindo?
Sometimes a few clients asking for the best dive shop Tamarindo. You can be sure that we reserve your Tamarindo scuba diving trip with a diving center in Tamarindo or Flamingo which fit your needs to 100%.

Do you work with:
Agua rica diving center Tamarindo? With Tamarindo diving center Davide Gabbi Tamarindo Costa Rica? Or with Pacific coast dive center? All tours are about Catalina islands diving? We do not work with Agua rica diving center Tamarindo. Yes, we work with Tamarindo diving center Davide Gabbi Tamarindo and with the Pacific coast dive center. 95% of the diving tours going out to the Catalina islands. But not limited to.

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Thomas & Gabriele Traegner

We are Thomas & Gabriele Traegner, your hosts. Our goal is to make your vacation unforgettable. Not only with a great location, a clean Villa and a perfect service. We also show you the best things you can do in Tamarindo and Costa Rica.