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What To Do In Tamarindo Costa Rica

This can be a long article to show you all the things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica 🙂 So I will give you at first a short overview about the most popular Tamarindo Costa Rica activities. But not only a list of Tamarindo tours as other sites do… We are going to show you also recommendations about things to do near Tamarindo Costa Rica which will cost you not a dime or only a few bucks.

Here a few examples for “What to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica”.

  1. Sport Fishing Tamarindo
  2. River Tour Palo Verde
  3. Volcano Tour – Hot Springs & Water Fall
  4. Sunset Sailing & Snorkeling Tour
  5. Zip Line Adventure
  6. Tamarindo Diving Adventure
things to do in tamarindo costa rica how about fishing

Things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Fishing in Tamarindo

Sport fishing is definitely the #1 of things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica!

Costa Rica sport fishing enthusiasts treasure the world-class waters found off the northern Pacific region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We provide the most professional, safe and seasoned Costa Rica fishing charters available!

During the extended summer fishing season in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, the warm Pacific waters reach temperatures of 85 degrees, attracting the full spectrum of Costa Rica sport fishing species. Chase variety of species including blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, wahoo, dorado and amberjack. We operate a fleet of impeccably maintained Costa Rica fishing charters manned by First Aid-certified, bilingual crews.

The picturesque Guanacaste region not only draws sport fishermen from around the globe, it has also caught the attention of some of the world’s leading resorts. A short walk from Villa Thoga, anglers can choose from the small boat to big boat.

The most common salt water game fish are marlin, tuna, sailfish and mackerel. We can help You find boats from $600 half day to $1000 full day. We costumice charters from the necessary 25 ft panga up the luxorious 53 ft Bertram.

Half day: 7.30 am – 12.00 pm – Full day: 7.30 am – 4.00 pm – Choose here from the best fleet in town: Tamarindo Costa Rica fishing charters

We also offer fishing packages: Costa Rica fishing vacation packages


River Tour Palo Verde

what to do in tamarindo costa rica? palo verde is ideal for families

What to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Considered a half day trip, this adventure was from 7:30 am – 12:30 pm.

After a drive to the Tempisque River you will see White Faced and Howler monkeys, crocodiles, large iguanas, common basilisk (Jesus Christ lizard), Macaws, Blue Herons, White Herons, sand pipers, and egrets.

The boat ride is going to be refreshing and the guides will be very knowledgable. Our staff will make sure everyone get plenty to see. Book your spot here: Palo Verde National Park Boat Tours

Sunset cruises on a schooner or catamaran are one of the best Tamarindo Costa Rica things to do

a sunset cruise is one of the best tamarindo tours

One of best Tamarindo tours – Sunset cruise

A lot of our clients ask me what are the must have Tamarindo tours? Okay, in my opinion when we talk about the must have things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica, a sunset cruise is definitely one of them.

On board there are comfortable beanbags and a shaded area on the rear deck. They have live music on board, which is very entertaining and relaxing.

There is an open bar with a wide selection of drinks and the crew served constantly. A chef serves 5 different plates of food. A tofu salad, a veggie and fruit ceviche, a salmon plate, an Indonesian style curry, with or without shrimp, and they also serve a dessert.

More information and booking here: Sunset cruise Tamarindo on a schooner

ATV Tamarindo Tours

one of the most popular tamarindo costa rica activities are the atv tours

Tamarindo Costa Rica activities – ATV tours

Don’t forget your camera! Monkey, snakes, birds are some of the animal species you might see.

ATV tours are great adventures and one of the most booked Tamarindo Costa Rica things to do.

The best is that our ATV tours in Tamarindo are only for your group. Starting with pick up at your accommodation and ends with drop off at your accommodation.

Departure Time for your ATV tours in Tamarindo Costa?
Anytime between 8:30 am and 3 pm

Full description here: ATV tours Tamarindo Costa Rica

Horseback Riding in Tamarindo

horsback riding is one of our tamarindo excursions

Tamarindo excursions

You will be picked up at your hotel and driven to Huacas, a little town close to Playa Conchal, a beautiful white sand beach on the Gold Coast of Guanacaste.

After a 15 minute drive, we arrive to the home of a local family where you will be greeted as part of the family and get the opportunity to share some of the local traditions with them. Watch the mother making authentic homemade tortillas on a traditional wood burning stove, enjoy a cup of freshly poured Costa Rican coffee, taste some homemade cheese and learn about our customs. That is what we call the real pura vida Tamarindo tours.

More information about the horsback riding tour here: Horseback riding Tamarindo

Volcano Tour – Hot Springs & Water Fall

volcano tour

Volcano Tour

You will spent a very enjoyable day at Miravalles Volcano Activity Center you will take the tractor ride into the rainforest, which was lots of fun. The hike to the waterfalls was beautiful. The suspension bridges provide unique access and great views of the river and the falls, and the rainforest is breathtaking. The waterfalls are very dramatic (it’s the rainy season, so there was plenty of water), and the vegetation was spectacular.

The area of volcanic activity, while small, was still very dramatic. The sauna, baths, hot springs and mud baths were very relaxing and everyone who worked there was extremely friendly and helpful. After a delicious lunch (casado con pescado) as part of the trip you will visit the waterfall Llanos de Cortez.

Start 7.30 am – End 4.30 – Lunch included

Sunset Sailing & Snorkeling Tour

sunset sailing

Sunset Sailing

People who want to get in some exciting sailing and sightseeing, Sunset Cruise is ideal for them. Catalina or Brummel Islands are among the best islands in Costa Rica where you have the opportunity to see dolphin, turtles, whales and seabirds. Sailing is fast enough to take you out near or around (depending on winds) the Catalina or Brummel Islands. You will definitely enjoy the stunning colorful sunset with the Catalina Islands in the foreground on your way back. Tropical sunset will make you spell-bound.

Start 8.30 am – End 12.30 or Start 1.30 – End 6.00 pm

Tamarindo zip line tours

tamarindo costa rica zip line tours

Zip Line Tour

At this wonderful tour you will be above the canopy of the trees looking for animals, birds & monkeys.

This excursion is also a must from all the things to do in Tamarindo beach Costa Rica.

Come and join us and we will show you the forest from another angle. Definitely a must have of things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica!

Get more information here: Tamarindo Costa Rica zip line tours

Tamarindo Diving Adventure

tamarindo diving

Tamarindo Diving

Santa Catalina’s island is considered the best local spot for this sport at this half day trip you will discover another world, two tanks two location. Beginners are welcome.

Start 7.00 am – End 12.00 pm
Book your diving trip here: More infomation and booking
Or check out our: Scuba diving vacation packages

We know the best things to do in Tamarindo will cost you some Dollars. But you can be sure that we only work with the best of the best providers. We sell the Tamarindo Costa Rica excursions for the same price as the provider does. We never charge more! Use the advantage to choose from the best Tamarindo Costa Rica tours activities without searching for different tour sites. We are happy to help you arrange all your needs and wishes.

So after we talked about the fee-based Tamarindo Costa Rica tours, let’s talk about the free (or inexpensive) Tamarindo excursions. Such as the fun things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica on the beach. There are two volleyball places which you can use for free. Tamarindo offers a football (soccer) field which you can use for free too. Bird watching, howler monkeys and discover the nature is a great experience. A lot of species waiting to be your foto model.

Things to do in Tamarindo at night

Apart from the many top restaurants, there are some places for dancing, drinking cocktail and more. We recommend the Wild Panda cocktail bar directly in the center of Tamarindo. Visit the casino on the Tamarindo boulevard and try your luck…

I hope you will bring enough time to enjoy all the things to do around Tamarindo Costa Rica. But don’t forget that you stay in vacation and you want also to relax from your hard job. So do not plan to much activities. Maybe do two or three activities and enjoy the beautiful weather in Costa Rica.

With that being said, let me show you the Tamarindo what to do must have activities. In my opinion.

Top things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica

The first must is to try the delicious Costa Rican food. You can not leave Tamarindo without trying a Gallo Pinto or a Casado. Here some more information about Typical food in Costa Rica.

The second one of things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica is definitely enjoying the outstanding sunsets on the beach or on a sunset cruise. Nothing is more beautiful.

The third one are Tamarindo zip line tours. Go ahead and read what this tour has to offer. The fourth one (seasonal) is a turtle tour. Ask us, we check it out for you and make it happen.

And of course a fishing tour is such an amazing experience. Tamarindo is one of the hotspots in Costa Rica for world class deep sea fishing. Here more about Tamarindo Costa Rica fishing

One of my biggest favorites is a sunset sailing combined with snorkeling on a schooner. Look here for more: Sunset cruise Tamarindo Costa Rica

So for now you have a good knowledge about things to do in Tamarindo Guanacaste. If you have further questions about what to do around Tamarindo Costa Rica don’t hesitate to contact us. We answer in short time. Click here for our Contact page

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