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Traditional Food In Costa Rica? Learn more

gallo pinto

Gallo Pinto

What you should definitely try, is the typical food in Costa Rica. For instance, Gallo Pinto for breakfast, or Casado for lunch or dinner. For starters I recommend Ceviche, a very tasty dish of raw fish or shrimp “cooked” in lemon juice.

Restaurants for traditional food in Costa Rica are called Soda

The restaurant, where you can taste typical dishes, is called SODA. Most of these places are only open from breakfast until 3 or 5 pm and they do not serve alcoholic beverages. Not even a beer. Why they don’t sell alcohol? Anyone who wants to sell alcohol in Costa Rica needs a license, which is expensive.

Cost of food in Costa Rica

tres leches

Tres Leches

The courts in the SODA are very inexpensive, usually you pay no more than 6 US $ or US $ 7. 

Best Sodas are outside of Tamarindo, in Villareal (5 km) and Huacas (13 km).

Of course, there are still some other popular food in Costa Rica such as Tres leches, Empanadas, Tamales (christmas food) and Arroz con Pollo (Rice and Chicken).

International Cuisine

There are a wide range of different restaurants in Costa Rica, especially here in Tamarindo. One can find something for everyone.

 There are several restaurants that serve pizza, but also restaurants offering fine Italian cuisine. Who loves sushi is not be disappointed, and friends of finger food will be delighted. We have a good place for fast food, where cheap food is offered. 

Very good fish or steak restaurants await you as well as worldclass restaurants.

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